March 29th Citizen Rally

Video of the dozen speakers at the CRC Facts rally held at Vancouver, Washington’s Red Lion Inn, March 29, 2013. Approximately 270 people were in attendance.


Key comments from all speakers:

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Speaker #1: Bill Turlay – Vancouver City Council

Speaker #2: Jefferson Smith – Environmental impact of the proposed CRC project

Speaker #3: Ty Baxter – Baxter Auto Parts

Speaker #4: Dave Rowe – How I-5 bridge lifts can be reduced by up to 90%

Speaker #5: Liz Pike – State Rep. 18th Legislative District

Speaker #6: Don Benton – State Senator – 17th Legislative District

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Speaker #7: Chris Girard – Plaid Pantry Stores

Speaker #8: Tom Mielke – Clark County Commissioner

Speaker #9: Matt Brislawn – Briz Loan and Guitar – Impact to our quality of life from this massive project

Speaker #10: Jeanne Stewart – Vancouver City Council

Speaker #11: Ann Rivers – State Senator – 18th Legislative District

Speaker #12: Paul Edgar – The planning process going forward – after the CRC

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