What Can You Do?

Remember that the CRC approach is definitely not a done deal—therefore more citizens becoming involved will be helpful—maybe critical. If your investigation leads you to conclude the CRC approach is not the best path for Vancouver and surrounding areas—then join us. The following are activities that you can do to help us stop the CRC and put in place far better plans to meet the transportation needs in the I-5 corridor over the Columbia River.

  1. Talk:  Talk to neighbors, friends, coworkers, and others. If they would like to learn more, tell them about www.CRCfacts.info. Or bring them to one of our informational forums.
  2. Contact politicians:  The politicians that deal with this topic at the county, city, and state levels definitely keep track of citizen input. They may not respond directly to you, but they track the quantity of inputs by topic and positions. The following links take you to the key politicians that are involved in this I-5/Columbia River transportation issue.
  3. Regional organizations:  Organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce or realtor associations may have made a public position on the CRC project. If they have a pro-CRC position, then register your difference with them and talk to other members.
  4. Petition:  Sign the Stop the CRC petition: http://tinyurl.com/b957f7l.   Note: This petition was started by another anti-CRC website and uses a petition mechanism called SignOn.org which is operated by the progressive organization called MoveOn.org. The developers of www.CRCfacts.info chose to build upon this petition instead of starting a new one. In signing this petition there is an option to opt-out of the operator’s general emails.
  5. Become more involved:  Contact us to discuss how you can help with broader work to educate citizens on this very important topic. Email us at info@CRCfacts.info.

The Tide is Turning!

The CRC promoters have developed many ‘casual’ supporters over the years because of the rosy picture they paint about the project–and to some degree based on the image put forth that the ‘CRC is a done deal’. Many in our group have even encountered the attitude that, ‘if you don’t support the CRC there is something wrong with you.’ However, when citizens are exposed to credible information on what is much more likely to happen with the CRC approach—they quickly become interested in a different approach to solve the I-5 corridor transportation objectives. This has been our group’s clear experience in recent months. In the end, there are very few diehard CRC supporters—as they are mainly made up of light rail ideologues and those that expect significant financial and/or political gain if the CRC project occurs. So if you agree with us, challenge the CRC group-think, and help us spread the word to tens of thousands of other citizens in our region.