Alternate Ideas

Many citizens who are aware of the CRC will say “isn’t it a done deal?” This appearance of inevitability has been a deliberate strategy of the CRC and furthered by the CRC insiders who are either light rail ideologues or those who expect significant financial gains from this project happening. However this inevitability is 100% untrue. The CRC plan becoming a reality has many obstacles and it is wobbling more every day as more citizens and politicians learn the facts and think through the negative ramifications.

Since (and before) the CRC’s plans were introduced there have been a number of alternate full plans to improve transportation over the Columbia River in the I-5 corridor. However the CRC juggernaut was able to systematically bury these plans—as none effectively aligned with the progressive transportation objectives (that is light rail). These alternate plans also had a common themes in that they advocate a third bridge and keep and retrofit the existing I-5 bridge.

The links below lead to various alternate plans and related supporting information. This information is presented to demonstrate that there exists significant professional thought and effort to better solve this transportation problem. The group that has developed this website is not promoting any particular plan at this time–however after the CRC is stopped, we intend to help refocus the citizen interest into a far more rational and practical planning environment in which special interest (behind close doors) are no longer driving the results.


Current I-5 Columbia bridge status and history

The overall point of this section is that this existing and paid for I-5 Columbia river bridge is maintainable and can effectively serve in coordination with other regional merit-based transportation plans (some concepts are listed below). Also with limited transportation resources–these dollars should be significantly committed to maintenance and for selected new projects that add significant new value. The CRC does not pass this test.


Information about Alternate Plans and Ideas

General information on alternate plans

Eliminating 90% of I-5 Columbia river bridge lifts

Third Bridge Now

Common Sense Alternative (CSA)

Cascadia High Speed Rail

The BNSF Railroad Bridge offers a better solution