Light Rail

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•  Light Rail will import crime to Clark County

•  Light Rail slower and less agile than buses–that we already own

•  Massive Light Rail costs for literally no benefit



Light rail has a connection to most of the problems with the CRC’s plans—and in many cases a large connection. The persistent inclusion of light rail in the CRC project stems from progressive transportation ideology—as literally no practical planning evidence supports light rail. Vancouver citizens seem to get this as they have voted in a number of measures to stop light rail funding. The situation may have best been summed up when the Oregon’s Supreme Court decision stated that the massive CRC project is only a “political necessity” to persuade Clark County residents to accept a light rail line to Vancouver. Specific problems with light rail in a bridge solution are:

  1. Slower than buses:  Light rail projected transit time to from Vancouver to downtown Portland is slower than the current bus, by nearly 20 minutes.
  2. Crime increase:  When light rail moves through inner cities to suburbs—there is a known problem with transporting crime from one area to another. This has happened in Gresham and around the Clackamas Town Center. Vancouver would be subject to this problem.
  3. Tolls: Estimated to be as high as $8 per trip–or $2000 per year for the average commuter.
  4. Cost to business:  This includes increased insurance rates for businesses and residents near light rail lines, new taxes for law enforcement, and loss of street parking for businesses.
  5. Overall track record:  Light rail is a financial disaster in both Portland and Seattle, where populations are much higher. Ridership numbers on both systems are significantly lower than were projected. When light rail fails, it degrades over time, but does not go away easily.



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