CRC Status

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Below are links to status with CRC funding and related political activity. The most recent items are listed at the top of each category below.


For information on the Skagit river I-5 bridge failure select the tab above for Alternate ideas and scroll down to link section.

Coast Guard Review Process and Status

Northwest Environmental Defense Center – letter describing comprehensive CRC problems

U.S. House Appropriations Committee Demands an I-5 Bridge Project that Protects River Commerce, Southwest Washington Jobs

Pro-CRC citizen inputs to Coast Guard – as of 5-25-13

Anti-CRC citizen inputs to Coast Guard – as of 5-25-13

Notice of Coast Guard CRC hearings

Letter from Coast Guard to CRC about application status

Letter from legislators to Admiral Taylor

Representative Hunter to Admiral Papp letter

Coast Guard response to CRC pre-application work plan

Limbo Dance: Coast Guard returns CRC Bridge Permit Application

A third Vic Atiyeh term for Oregon governor, anyone? – Oregonian

CRC Gets Professional Marketing Campaign Support

The CRC: Who’s Getting Rich? – Willamette Week

The Woman Behind the Bridge – Willamette Week

Have You Seen The Big Bridge?

Columbia River Crossing and the ‘juggernaut effect’: Guest opinion – Oregonian


The CRC Mega-Highway Project, Part 1 of 3 – Seattle Transit Blog

The CRC Mega-Highway Project, Part 2 of 3 – Seattle Transit Blog

Slick Used Car Salesman Tactics Promoting the CRC Lemon

Sen Don Benton and Rep Paul Harris discuss CRC with Sen Annette Cleveland and Rep Jim Moeller

Infrastructure Report card showing the need for maintenance dollars in Washington – scroll to transportation section.

Columbia River Crossing ignores cheaper options: By Port of Vancouver Commissioner Jerry Oliver.

Rep. Sharon Wylie – CRC Misinformation letter to legislative colleagues

Fraud, Corruption and Cronyism, Hallmarks of the CRC

Finance official: CRC needs to get state permission to impose tolls, again

Letter from Congresswoman Herrera Beutler to CRC requesting information on apparent irregularities – March 6th, 2013.

C-Tran may face roadblock in search for light rail funding crucial to CRC

Letter from Washington Legislators to Oregon Legislators

Letter from Washington Senator Ann Rivers to CRC Leadership

Washington state admits costly mistakes on 520 bridge

Local View: CRC needs a change of direction – Don Benton


Listen to Robocall sent to about 25,000 Clark County Citizens – Mid March.

Let’s Connect:

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Accomplished violinist begins our Feb. 25th forum with a stirring rendition of our National Anthem.



The business case against the CRC

The $2.5 Billion Bribe

Second Ethics Complaint Filed Against Patricia McCaig, Governor’s CRC Adviser

CRC update: Astroturf, Alice, and more cheerleading in The Oregonian

Oregon Voter Digest – CRC update – with Sharon Nasset

House bill 2800 – dissected

New Anti-CRC Billboard For Salem Commuters

Making It Up As They Go – Willamette Week

Comments by Oregon State Representative Lew Frederick (D-Portland)

Columbia River Crossing is a bad deal for Oregon: Guest opinion

Letter to Sen. Rosenbaum from Charles Stephens

Clackamas County Commission Will Hear Anti-CRC Resolution